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Bob’s 2016 Archery Buck Contest Winners

Bob’s has been presenting an Archery Buck Contest for quite some time. This year we had almost 500 participants and 16 Bucks brought in to be judged. Bob’s offers $150.00 Gift Card for Adult’s largest buck, $75.00 Gift Card for Adult/Youth widest spread and $100 Gift Card for Youth/Mentored Largest buck. We measure length of both beams, each point of 1 inch or more and the spread to come up with the Total Score. We do require that you register FREE prior to the first day of the season. This year’s winners are from left to right:

John Hook (Adult Hunter Largest Buck), Lee Renaud (Archery Department Manager), Brian Knepp (Adult/Youth Widest Spread) and Kyle Elensky (Youth/Mentored Hunter Largest Buck)

Winner Class Prize Points Spread Score
Kyle Elensky Youth $100.00 8 Points 14 Inches 89.250
John Hook Adult $150.00 9 Points 18 3/4 Inches 114.325
Brian Knepp Widest Spread $75.00 8 Points 20 1/2 Inches 97.9175

2016 Spring Turkey

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