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Bob's 2017 Big Buck Contest (Rifle)

Adult $150.00 - Junior $100.00 - Adult / Junior / Mentored Widest Spread $75.00

Jimmy Collins Eric Tinker Holden Ryan

Score 131.625

Score 97.50
Score 108.5625

 Bob's Big Buck 2017

From Left: 

Justin Mason-:Employee of BobsGun Department

Jimmy Collins: Prize $150.00 Gift Card - Adult Biggest Buck 10pt with 18 1/2" Spread.  Total Score: 131.625

Eric Tinker: Prize $75.00 Gift Card -Adult or Youth Widest Spread 8pt with 18 3/4" Spread. Total Score: 97.50

Holden Ryan: Prize $100.00 Gift Card - Youth/Mentored Biggest Buck 8pt with 17 1/8" Spread. Total Score: 108.5625

There were over 800 participants with over 30 Bucks that we had scored. 

The rules for our scoring is as follows:

We measure each point of at least one inch or more in length, both beam length and the widest part of inside spread.  We do not measure circumference to save time in scoring. 

Congratulations to all of the participants and especially to our winners!


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